Why the NHW? 
melkbosMelkbosstrand has many unique qualities which includes, a village-like lifestyle and a relatively safe environment for all its residents whether young, old or families. How many places in South Africa can kids play out on the streets or at the beach during daytime and at night? Such an idyllic place as this can only remain as such by vigilance and through organised activities by it’s residents (such as the NHW) in conjunction with the CPF, SAPS and security companies.



Our Vision
We are committed to promote a program through which the Melkbosstrand community will feel safe and secure. We aim to do this through a connected, informed and empowered neighbourhood that enhances a positive quality of life through effective neighbourhood policing.

Our Mission
The mission of the Melkbosstrand Neighbourhood Watch program is to work in proactive partnerships with our community, SAPS, Law Enforcement agencies and Community Organisations to address issues of crime to achieve the goal of maintaining the safety and integrity of our neighbourhood for all residents.

Our Values
Our Neighbourhood Watch program is a volunteer based, community oriented program committed to being the extra eyes and ears of our community for our local SAPS and Law Enforcement agencies, watching out for each other, and networking to build strong neighbour bonds.