Phillip Janse van Rensburg

Position: Chairperson

We live in a time and circumstances where we unfortunately cannot only rely on the authorities for our safety and this is where the Neighbourhood Watches plays an essential role.  Through standing together as a Community Against Crime, assisting local Law Enforcement Agencies we can make a difference to keep Melkbosstrand the Idyllic and safe town we all want it to be for all its residents and visitors.

It’s unacceptable to me that a small group of individuals have such an influence on our lives because of the crimes they commit. Crimes that impact our lives directly and indirectly.  I give my free time and dedication to assist in combatting this in the hope of creating a safer environment for us all to live in.

No Person Should Feel Afraid or Threatened Inside Their Own Property, Taking a Walk In a Public Area or Driving in Their Vehicle.



Kim Jones

Position: Operations Manager

I first moved to Melkbosstrand in 2007 for a brief time, and in 2017 after years of trying, jumped on the opportunity to move back into the area that had crept into my heart. Thanks to maintaining contact with good friends and family in the area, I became involved in the MNHW almost immediately.
I couldn’t help being drawn into this passionate team and love how my personal participation makes a difference in the safety our neighbourhood. Seeing the huge team effort from volunteers assisting our local law enforcement to ensure that we remain one of the safest areas in South Africa is incredibly humbling. I am very grateful to be in a position to be able to participate as actively as I do and understand that not many can, however the current and planned expansions taking place in and around Melkbosstrand, make it necessary for the active growth and increased involvement of MNHW to maintain a low and manageable crime rate. With your help, involvement and vigilance Melkbosstrand will remain safe. We are looking for supporters that can assist in any way, be it actively patrolling, making financial contributions or volunteering of your time and special skills for an hour or two a month. Take the next step and join us!


LorraineLorraine Smit

Position: Treasurer

I’ve been involved in the NHW since we moved to Melkbos in September 2013.

I have always wanted to help in my community, but with a hectic work and family life, I was scared to become involved as I thought I would never be able to manage it all.  My desire to help in my community (in any way I could) trumped over my fear and I joined the MNHW as treasurer. Even though I am not physically patrolling the streets every night, I do feel I am playing a part, however small, in keeping my community safe and ensuring Melkbosstrand remains the great village we all love and adore.


CherylCheryl Potgieter

Position: Secretary

Awareness is very important and as want to reach out to as many folk as possible to assist in either the control room or patrols, or even organising events and raising funds etc.  I became involved in the MNW because I felt I should give back if I want to reap the rewards of feeling safe. I do control room duty on a regular basis and it’s a safe and warm environment.  I was very nervous in the beginning believing it was something difficult to do but it is really is not and with the relationship we have with the police station assistance is always on hand.  I have also assisted at events when our presence was needed.

My goal is to get more folk involved because the more people we can get involved the less the pressure on all those who currently give of their free time volunteering to keep our friends and neighbours safe.


GrantGrant Philp

Position: Sector 2 Coordinator

I coordinate patrollers in Sector 2 and host monthly Induction Training sessions to introduce new members to the Melkbos NHW. I’ve been involved since we moved to Melkbos 2 years ago and helping coordinate Sector 2 for most of that time.

We moved to Melkbos a few years ago with the vision of giving the family and children the lifestyle that we grew up with. Children playing on the beach, riding their bikes safely in the street, walking to school, meeting friends on the rugby field to kick the ball. All this in a safe and secure community. I am pleased to say, we can let the children do all of this – by being part of Neighbourhood Watch we can help to maintain a safe and neighbourly community and ensure we preserve this lifestyle. If everyone gets involved and help to keep our village safe, we can all keep living in paradise!


ClaireClaire Adendorff

Position: Social Media Coordinator (Facebook & Twitter)

As a stay-at-home Mom, with a husband who is often away, I wanted to be involved in keeping Melkbos safe. There was a need to someone to assist with social media and the flow of communication and this seemed to be a good fit for me.

It would be lovely to have a neighbourhood where my boys are able to play in the streets, to have a degree of freedom and I firmly believe that if we stood together as a community, we can achieve this gift for children.


DirkDirk Rossouw

Position: Sector 1 Coordinator

I joined the Melkbos Neighbourhood Watch late 2015. From 1 June 2016 I coordinate patrollers in Sector 1 and host Induction Training sessions as and when required to introduce new members to the Sector.

My family and I moved to Melkbosstrand in 1993. My children grew up in the most care free safe environment possible. During those early years crime statistics consisted mainly of bicycles “stolen”, just to be found later where the kids forgot it at Bella’s Café and the odd reports of noisy visitors to the beach.

But times have changed and with new developments in our town, came more serious crimes. Today lost bicycles are no longer big news. Drug and alcohol abuse, car thefts, house break-ins and even armed robberies make up a large percentage of the SA Police Services’ monthly crime statistics. Add to this the ever growing Abalone poaching taking place in the area.

When we moved to Melkbosstrand the small Police Station with its limited resources were enough to secure our safe and relatively crime free way of life. This is however no longer the case. It has become extremely important for every member of our community to get involved in some way to help in the fight against those who threaten our and our children’s safe and relatively care free way of life. I responded to that call. If you have not yet done so, maybe you should also consider it.


KatieKatie Barrett

Position: Fundraising Coordinator
My role within the NHW Committee is that of Fundraising Coordinator. Fundraising is a fundamental aspect of any civil society or organisation, and interlinks with all areas of the organisation’s running, activities and costs. I look forward to engaging with the local community and supporting the NHW Committee as we continue to raise funds for 2016.

My husband and I moved into the Melkbosstrand area in November 2014, our first home together in Cape Town. I am originally from the UK and have also previously lived in Zimbabwe and Zambia. On arriving in Melkbosstrand, it was a welcome experience to find not only a NHW that is active and visible in the local community, but also to discover the supportive and inclusive attitude of the members and committee. My husband and I became patrollers from January 2015 and have enjoyed being part of supporting the NHW and the services it provides to the community.