Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) / Response Team Melkbosstrand

Poaching is the highest criminal activity in Melkbosstrand, and unfortunately it is seen as a less serious form of crime even though if left unchecked directly impacts the safety of the community

Focused on Anti-Poaching operations in the Melkbosstrand Area all the members are Volunteers that offer up their time and resources to combat crime, including House Breakings, Farm Attacks and other Serious Criminal Activity. The APU and Response team is part of Melkbosstrand NHW. Apart from being the eyes and ears for Law Enforcement Agencies, our members have received specialised training to equip them to act against criminal activity if safe to do so and within the legal boundaries.

We work with various Law Enforcement Agencies, acting as a force multiplier under their guidance and instructions. Partnerships include but not limited to SAPS Melkbosstrand, SAPS K9 unit, SAPS Border Patrol, Law Enforcement Marine Unit, DAFF and various private security companies and neighbouring NHW’s.

Poaching Activities Reality

Where poaching takes place, organised crime increases in the area, from petty crime to house breakings, card fraud, prostitution, human trafficking, money laundering, narcotic production and use and illegal weapons. Additionally, in many cases abalone is exchanged for drugs as payment.
Poaching will spiral out of control if not dealt with effectively. It will inevitably jeopardise the safety and lifestyle of Melkbosstrand residents as well as potentially have an influence on local property values, as already seen in many of the other coastal towns in the Western Cape.

Response Team

All equipment is used for the prevention and response to criminal activity in the bigger Melkbosstrand area, this takes priority over Poaching activities.

Volunteers, assisting SAPS Melkbosstand and other agencies in our area:

  • House Robberies: Except for normal response activities, members actively carry out information gathering to aid in successful arrests and conviction of suspects.
  • Farm Attacks: Melkbosstrand Rural Community is vulnerable to attacks. We assist them as well as our neighbouring rural communities with this equipment.
  • Other Serious Crime:  Assist SAPS in searching for suspects and/or victims.

We need Your help protecting Our Marine Area and Residents Safety

To efficiently perform our duties, we make use of specialised equipment. Our existing equipment is dated, and its functionality has deteriorated to such an extent that replacement is crucial (existing equipment is 9 years old and used extensively). We would like to ask for your financial assistance in this regard.
Functional and sophisticated equipment is crucial to maintain member safety and operational success

We need to raise R200 250,00 to replace our existing equipment

So far we have raised R8,000 towards our R200,250 target! That’s 4% of the total!

Equipment Description Number Cost per Unit Total Cost
Torches 15 R950.00 R14 250.00
Medium Thermal Scope 1 R50 000.00 R50 000.00
Night Vision 1 R40 000.00 R40 000.00
Radios 15 R2 400.00 R36 000.00
Bullet Proof Vests 15 R4 000.00 R60 000.00
Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin,250R8,000Raised R8,000 towards the R200,250 target.4%

Please donate using the methods below. Every cent will be spent responsibly and for the safety of Melkbosstrand Residents, Rural Area and Marine area. Melkbosstrand Neighbourhood Watch is accredited with the Department of Community Safety Western Cape.

Banking Details
Melkbos Neighbourhood Watch
FNB Cheque Account
Account no: 62631466994
Century City Branch no: 250655

Please include “APU” with your donation description

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