sponsorMelkbosstrand as a community is extremely fortunate to have an effective Neighbourhood Watch with committed members but as a voluntary organization we are totally dependent on our fund raising and the sponsorship we receive from our members and residents and particularly local businesses in the area.

Corporate Opportunity

In many areas companies help out their local Neighbourhood Watch, either with funding or in-kind resources such as printing, photocopying, use of meeting rooms, legal and marketing advice, catering, or products and services relating to your business or organization. It’s a great way for local businesses to forge links with the community and contribute to making the community a safe place be just as all the members in Neighbourhood Watch volunteer their time and energies for the same cause. You might feel that you simply want to do the same.

Whether you want to improve your link to the community, gain publicity or simply help improve your area, it makes perfect sense for your business to sponsor or support Melkbos Neighbourhood Watch which we encourage you to do as the links you form with local people may mean they bring their private business to you later. It is important to realize that when a Neighbourhood Watch is successful, it can improve the area to such an extent that property prices go up and local funding and investment opportunities increase which will have a positive impact on local businesses.

Does your organization have a ‘Charity of the Year’?

If not, why not nominate us. By supporting Melkbos Neighbourhood Watch will show that you care about people being safe from crime and anti-social behaviour and enjoying a good quality of life and a strong sense of community.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us here.

If you would simply like to make a donation to Melkbos Neighbourhood Watch, please visit our Donate page which provides information regarding donations and what it is used for. There is no donation too small and every cent is used to keep crime off our streets.